Welcome to Bigtime Music your very own D.I.Y Bigtime Platform designed to support you in Getting SEEN, HEARD and SOLD! We've extended our products and services due to the overwhelming requests from our clients all around the world.

Bigtime Music Distribution is a new add-on service to our existing Radio, Promotional and Record label services model. Artists will then have the ability to release their singles/albums, and obtain insights on their music plays via our global reporting and accounting offerings. Bigtime Global thrives on world-class customer support and assistance. We truly care about the Artists!

A&R Data-driven analysis and support via our own Bigtime Artist Platform

We market recorded music and corresponding music videos. We are proud to engage in a wide range of functions leveraging our technology platform solutions, created to help assist in these complexities for artists in the music industry.

We can help you further as we specialise in artist consultancy, recruitment and development (A&R, which stands for Artist and Repertoire) and we have built our own A&R services solutions for the industry - making it faster to support our clients needs), music publishing, and copyright enforcement with the following Digital Label service.

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